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What we can do

Clients can achieve complete information confidentiality, integrity and availability, monitoring, assessing and defending company information with our end-to-end security offering. Security teams constantly need to evolve their tactics to outsmart attackers and the latest threats. With the GF Technologies security offering, we are able to expose advanced threats faster through deep endpoint visibility and anomaly detection, quickly triage and analyse suspicious activity to confirm infections, collect the necessary information to take action to stop the threat, and limit negative impact to the business.

Deep endpoint threat visibility and detection

Security teams constantly need to evolve their tactics to stay in front of attackers and the latest threats. Recently this has become much more difficult. Attackers continue to advance and use sophisticated techniques to infiltrate organizations, but they have also become more targeted in their approach. They spend significant resources performing reconnaissance to learn about organizations and to develop malware specifically to bypass traditional security technologies. Many organizations still rely primarily on preventive, signature-based tools to try to keep these threats out, but they leave you a false sense of security. Without the ability to quickly detect compromises, confirm infections, and take action, organizations are constantly behind the attacker, and the risk of data loss and negative business impact increases significantly. That’s why organizations are turning to RSA ECAT.

With RSA ECAT, security teams can:

  • Expose advanced threats that would otherwise be hidden
  • Analyze suspicious endpoint activity and confirm infections quickly
  • Instantly determine the full scope of a compromise and take action to limit negative impact to the business

With RSA ECAT, security teams are able to expose advanced threats faster through deep endpoint visibility and anomaly detection, quickly triage and analyze suspicious activity to confirm infections, collect the necessary information to take action to stop the threat and limit negative impact to the business

AT A GLANCE RSA ECAT enables security teams to:

  • Expose advanced threats that would otherwise go undetected
  • Analyze suspicious endpoint activity and confirm infections quickly
  • Instantly determine the full scope of a compromise
  • Take action on a suspicious file or process by blocking it limiting impact of potential threats
Identity Access Management
        • Today’s users expect fast, convenient access to the data and applications they need to do their jobs. At the same time, IT needs an easy and effective way to protect anywhere-anytime-any device access to these assets that reside on-premises or in the cloud.
        • Another key element of convenience is empowering business users to make access and authentication decisions and react to risky situations with a simple-to-use interface.


Security Analytics

The RSA Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Solution is a combination of technology and services that gives security operations teams complete visibility to identify and investigate attacks, the ability to detect and analyse even the most advanced of attacks before they can impact the business, and the tools to take targeted action on the most important incidents .

The RSA ASOC solution is designed in a modular way, letting customers choose the full solution incorporating SIEM, network forensics and endpoint malware detection, or implement different pieces according to their current and future needs.

Gain complete visibility to identify and investigate attacks

RSA ASOC eliminates blind spots with visibility across logs, networks and endpoints.

Detect and analyse even the most advanced of attacks before they can impact the business

Discovers attacks missed by traditional SIEM and by correlating network packets, netflow, endpoints and logs.

Identifies endpoint malware missed by conventional AV in in real-time Starts finding incidents immediately with out of the box reporting, intelligence and rules.

Identifies high risk indicators of compromise by harnessing the power of big data and data science techniques

Take targeted action on the most important incidents

Instantly pivots from incidents into deep endpoint and network packet detail to understand true nature and scope of issue.

Prioritizes investigations and streamlines multiple analyst workflows in one tool

Maximises team’s potential by implementing RSA’s best practice-based security operations management tools and training.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW/NGIPS)

Industry-leading Protection, Superior Visibility and Fastest Performance

Eighty percent of enterprises today report they’ve had 2 or more data breaches in the last 12 months (Forrester IT survey, 2015). Get better protection for your organization with an innovative NSS Labs Recommended Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). A FortiGate NGFW delivers unparalleled protection, superior visibility into network traffic, and ultra-fast, next-generation performance based on custom ASICs and our one consolidated operating system architecture.

Fortinet also offers an NSS Labs Recommended Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) for next generation security to go with firewalls already in place. Learn more about Next Generation IPS (NGIPS).

  • Reduce the risk of data breach with industry-leading protection from FortiGuard Labs (NSS Labs Recommended, Virus Bulletin RAP, AV Comparatives Advanced+ ratings)
  • Respond faster with 360° visibility into network activity through FortiView with one-click visibility, new interactive infographics and animated threat displays
  • Control all network security capabilities through one intuitive operating system, one-click actions and single pane of glass centralized management
  • Boost the speed of your business with an NGFW that delivers significantly higher throughput than NGFWs from other vendors

The FortiGate series provide a security-in-a-box approach. Each FortiGate comes equipped with the following features:

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • SD-WAN
  • VPN
  • VDOM
  • Sandboxing
  • Reporting
  • Unified Threat Management (Application Control, Web Filtering, IPS, Mobile Malware, Anti-Spam, Antivirus)


Unified Threat Management


Traditional Unified Threat Management

Typically, smaller businesses will be using a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, defined in the Gartner IT Glossary as a converged platform of point security products, particularly suited to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Typical feature sets fall into three main categories on one device: firewall/intrusion prevention system (IPS)/virtual private network, secure Web gateway security (URL filtering and Web antivirus) and messaging security (anti-spam, mail AV). In this manner, they are able to simplify the complexity of enterprise-class security and bolster protection of their business despite limited budgets and staff.

UTM Infographicsm

End point Detection and Response EDR

Industry-Leading Incident Response & Threat Hunting
Detect & Respond to Advanced Attacks with Unfiltered Visibility
Highly-scalable, real-time threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution delivering unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and IR teams

Threat Hunting and IR, now on the CB Predictive Security Cloud
CB ThreatHunter is the latest addition to the CB Predictive Security Cloud. It delivers advanced threat hunting and IR capabilities to the same single agent that powers our breakthrough prevention and industry-leading detection and response.
Unfiltered Visibility
Investigations that typically take days or weeks can be completed in just minutes. CB Response captures comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving security professionals a clear understanding of what happened.

  • Access the complete activity record of every endpoint, even if it’s offline
  • See what happened at every stage of an attack with intuitive attack chain visualizations
  • Uncover advanced threats and minimize attacker dwell time

Proactive Threat Hunting
CB Response’s sophisticated detection combines custom and cloud-delivered threat intel, automated watchlists, and integrations with the rest of your security stack to efficiently
scale your hunt across the enterprise.

  • Fast search, zoom, and visualization of process trees and timelines to pinpoint threats
  • Consolidate threat intelligence for your environment to automatically detect suspicious
  • Correlate network, endpoint, and SIEM data through open APIs and out-of-the-box

Respond Immediately

An attacker can compromise your environment in an hour or less. CB Response gives you the power to respond and remediate rapidly, stopping active attacks and repairing damage quickly.

  • Isolate infected systems and remove malicious files to prevent lateral movement
  • Secure shell access to any endpoint with Live Response
  • Automatically collect and store detailed forensic data for post-incident investigation

Enhance Endpoint Protection and Operations with Carbon Black
Learn more about the other services of the CB Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black's converged endpoint protection platform.

Experience how Carbon Black's CB Response delivers highly scalable, real-time EDR with unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and incident response teams. Take the CB Response product tour today.

Next Generation Anti Virus


Breakthrough Prevention That Stops Known and Unknown Attacks

Next-generation antivirus + endpoint detection and response (EDR) delivered through a cloud-based endpoint protection platform that consolidates security using a single agent, console, and dataset to stop malware and non-malware attacks.

Predict and Prevent
Cyberattackers are innovating faster than traditional defenses can keep up. CB Defense uses advanced predictive models to analyze complete endpoint data and uncover malicious behavior to stop all types of attacks before they compromise your system.


  • Stop malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks
  • Prevent attacks automatically, online and offline
  • Block emerging, never-before-seen attacks that other solutions may miss

Capture and Analyze
The CB Predictive Security Cloud captures and stores unfiltered data from every endpoint, enabling CB Defense to analyze each event stream in context to uncover emerging attacks other solutions may miss.


  • Records and stores the complete data record of every endpoint, even if it is offline
  • Analyzes all endpoint activity against signatures, reputation, and 110+ core
    behaviors used by attackers
  • Automatically scores and re-prioritizes alerts as suspicious behavior progresses over time

Respond Quickly
CB Defense features industry-leading detection and response capabilities that reveal threat activity in real time, so you can respond to any type of attack as soon as it's


  • Visualizes every stage of the attack with easy-to-follow attack chain details to
    uncover root cause in minutes
  • Enables administrators to immediately triage alerts by isolating endpoints,
    blacklisting applications, or terminating processes
  • Secure shell into any endpoint on or off your network to perform full investigations
    and recommendations remotely

Operate at Scale
Traditional antivirus lags behind emerging attacks and requires too much manual
effort to stay effective. Automate operational tasks and integrate with your existing
tools to boost the productivity of everyone on your team.


  • Deploy seamlessly, with less than 1% CPU and disk space per endpoint
  • Open API framework supports direct integration across your security ecosystem
  • Enterprise-scale management of sensors ensures low effort, high impact
Application Control

Extreme Protection

  • Lock down systems to stop malware, ransomware, zero-day, and non-malware
  • Built-in file-integrity monitoring, device control, and memory protection to block
    unauthorized change
  • Harden new and legacy systems, with broad support for embedded, virtual, and
    physical operating systems

Continuous Compliance
The cost of compliance is outpacing any other spend in IT. Make regulatory and
policy compliance easier and less costly with CB Protection.

  • Maintain continuous compliance for key frameworks including PCI-DSS, HIPAA,
  • Monitor critical activity and enforce configurations to assess risk and maintain
    system integrity
  • Secure end-of-life systems with powerful change-control and whitelisting policies

High Performance, Low Touch

CB Protection is one of the most proven and scalable application control solutions on the market. A single admin could manage over 10,000 systems, giving security teams control with little ongoing effort.

  • Out-of-the-box templates based on industry best practices keep management
    overhead low
  • Cloud-based reputation and detonation helps you make fast decisions about which
    software to trust
  • Automatically trust software deployed by IT to keep administration easy and achieve
    fast time-to-value


FortiGate is SD-WAN ready and delivers next generation WAN capabilities. Fortinet is one of the only vendors that provides integrated advanced security and networking functionality in one appliance, reducing complexity and improving TCO for customers.

We offer advanced security with software-defined networking functions. This integration enables distributed enterprises to simplify their infrastructures, reduce WAN costs and securely provide users with direct access to the public cloud, data center and SaaS services they need to successfully compete in the digital economy

  • SD-WAN with application visibility and automated WAN path controller
  • High performance IPSEC VPN and threat protection
  • Single-pane-of-glass – centralized management and zero touch deployment
Fortinet Secure SD WAN Infographic WAN Adoption 

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