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For Uplogix, evolving out-of-band management means monitoring devices and taking actions locally, strengthening existing network management and lowering operational expenses improving infrastructure performance and availability, and addressing significant security and regulatory compliance vulnerabilities.

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The Uplogix Offering

Lower cost : Reduces remote IT support costs by 25-50% less troubleshooting, fewer truck rolls, more up-time.

Reduce Risk : Ensure that management security policies are always enforced and audited, even during an outage.

Decrease Complexity :  Combine access and control of a console server with the functionality of networks management software to automate the actions of an IT administrator.

Customer support : with Uplogix focus on mission critical infrastructure and emphasis on service maintenance includes:

-24x7 phone support / Knowledge access
-Software updates and upgrade assistance
-Hardware repair or replacement in the event of a hardware failure
Why didn't anyone think of this before?
Managing network gear over the network they create is silly. That's why we hold the patent (#20090193118) on utilizing the console port for network management automation.
See how it works.
Need Top Secret security?
We're FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified. FIPS validates both hardware and software to ensure that federal agencies and departments are using secure systems and networks.
Lock it down.
Don't want a cookie cutter solution?
In addition to the included rule sets for popular equipment, our rules engine lets you customize alerts and actions based on data collected by the Uplogix Local Manager.
Automation your way.
Uplogix is OOB
Secure out-of-band access over a variety of options: phone line, cellular, secondary Ethernet network, satellite, fiber.
Uplogix is Security
Built on a secure platform, Uplogix gives you eyes and ears on your gear whether the network is up or down.
Uplogix is Automation
Network-independence with onboard intelligence for remote control & automation you can confidently deploy.

Uplogix is Proven
Deployed from Wall Street to the North Sea oil platforms to the battlefield, plus the branch office just down the street.


Out-of-Band Access

More than just an alternate path to remote gear, it’s a smarter way to manage your network and eliminate downtime.

To really manage network infrastructure, you need to operate from an out-of-band perspective—and more than just as a remote secondary connection to devices. For Uplogix, intelligent out-of-band means monitoring devices and taking actions directly over the console port, like an onsite technician plugging in a laptop. We go far beyond traditional “dumb” console servers that sit plugged in and waiting to be useful should there be a crisis.

 Download Out-of-Band Access Sheet 

Secure Remote Platform
Uplogix is the most intelligent, secure out-of-band platform

When it comes to putting an appliance in your network for out-of-band management, you want to think carefully about whether that appliance is based on an open or closed platform. It might just be the difference between locking up network security and being open for business for hackers.

 Download Security Solution Brief 

Network-Independent Management
Pain-free routine updates and config changes

From initial provisioning and routine updates to bare-metal restores, Uplogix makes configuration management faster, safer and more automated than ever. The secret sauce is no secret—for reliable config changes you just can’t depend on the network.
Reliable Automation
Uplogix is network management automation you can implement with confidence Traditional network management tools rely on the network to manage the network. This leads to situations where at the moment the management tools are needed the most—during an outage—they are completely ineffective. As a result, network administrators are not interested in enabling automation that could leave them disconnnected. This leads to many routine tasks being done “by hand” which not only consumes a large amount of time and effort, but also increases the number of opportunities for human error.

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Data Sheets

uplogix5000 data

Configurable to manage 6-38 devices including a managed power supply; option slot for OOB card; LCD screen; dual power supplies; available in AC and DC models.

 Download 5000 Data Sheet 

uplogix 500


A Compact Local Manger designed to remotly monitor, maange and control six or fewer devices including a managed power supply.  

 Download 500 Data Sheet 

Case Studies

uplogix financial

Global Financial Institution

Uplogix provides one of the world’s largest financial organizations with encrypted management access to data center devices and role-based permissioning that exceeded security requirements.

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uplogix federal

Social Security Administration

Deploys Uplogix in over 1,800 offices and data centers to simplify IOS upgrades and configuration updates, with 24/7 monitoring and automated reporting of issues.

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uplogix energy

Enbridge Pipeline

Operating the largest and most complex liquids pipeline system in the world requires an extensive information network. Uplogix provides secure access and reduces the number of support truck rolls.

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uplogix commercial

Major US Grocery Chain

With a network that is critical for operations ranging from produce freshness monitoring to store management, Uplogix reduces network support costs in an industry where cost is king. Redundant network devices and connections are monitored automatically, ensuring they are available if needed.

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uplogix satellite

Harris Caprock

Uses Uplogix to monitor shipboard communications and networking gear. In the event of trouble, Uplogix can automatically resolve many problems – often before they are noticed by ship or shore personnel. Uplogix speeds deployments and provides a reliable OOB link anywhere on Earth.

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uplogix education

Oklahoma University Health Science Center

Seven health-related colleges distributed around downtown Oklahoma City use Uplogix to contribute to HIPPA compliance by automating routine system maintenance and monitoring with logging and access controls – even during network outages.

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